Ondate / Waves : Open Call

Born out of a collaboration between Brooklyn-based Centotto and Bologna-based Officina 15, Ondate / Waves is an iterative, itinerant sequence of traveling exhibitions of postcard-sized artworks and messages addressing, in various ways, the theme of migration.

Participation is free, easy and open to all, and there are many opportunities to contribute works and words to the project. There are also plenty of opportunities to host the show in other galleries, art spaces, schools, and cultural institutions for anyone interested. The more the show travels, the further its underlying message and constituent messages are spread, the better.

The open call for the first installation in the series of shows closed on 15 January 2019. The first showing was at Officina 15, located in the Castiglione dei Pepoli area of Bologna, with an opening on 26 January 2019. It closed on March 9th, 2019. It has since traveled to several more galleries, and more works have been added to it along the way. It has also been exhibited in different formats, sometimes very different, and mounted by different curators at Spazio Omniae in Camugnano, Italy, and at Apartment A in Berlin, Germany.

To date the show consists of about 200 postcard-sized works and notes that arrived in Bologna from all around the world. They all fit tidily in a box and can be sent along to you if you want to host the exhibit. Installation options are as many as you might imagine.

The show will certainly be mounted in Brooklyn, sooner or later, in at least a couple art spaces, and a few other exhibition possibilities are currently under discussion. Please note that as of January 2020, there are no fixed plans for its next iteration. It can travel anywhere at this point and be hosted for any amount of time. A one-afternoon or one-evening pop-up show is just as valid a plan as a two-month 'stay' somewhere.

It's very easy to be included in one way or another in this timely project as a participating artist or host at any time. Simply contact Paul D'Agostino at Centotto, or Simone Miccichè at Officina 15. It has already received significant attention in national and regional newspapers in Italy, as well as on television broadcasts. Much of that information and some links are available through Officina 15.

If you'd like to see the works in the show so far, that's very easy with this online catalogue created by the show's first hosts in Italy. It's not obligatory to keep adding to it, and other ways of documentation for host spaces are as many as there are modes of installation.

If you contributed to the first 'tappa' or 'stage' of the 'wave,' or 'ondata', you'll certainly want to have a look through the catalogue to see your piece! Works that arrived after a certain date couldn't be included, though they were all incorporated into the show if they arrived at Officina 15.

Here is the catalogue of works in Ondate / Waves.

Our full guidelines and project description are available in English and Italian. You can find them via Centotto here, and via Officina 15 here. We also have them available as PDFs for printing and distribution. Send a message to postuccio@gmail.com to request them. You may also use that address if you're affiliated with an arts, cultural or educational institution where there might be interest in hosting a future iteration of Ondate / Waves.

Everything you need to know to be included in these shows is here. Below are some images from the night of the opening at Officina 15.

Participate, partecipate!




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