45a MOSTRA [16o SIMPOSIO] forthcoming


Read everything below if you'd like to know more about NOMENCoLorATURE, a forthcoming Centotto simposio show. If you think you'd like to participate, then also send me an email at postuccio@gmail.com to let me know that you'll be sending something in the mail or dropping something off.


NOTES for possible contributors to NOMENCoLorATURE:

1. If you're concerned that your work might not fit the bill for this show, go ahead and discard that sentiment right now. Because in truth, NOMENCoLorATURE won't really feature your work at all. That is, it won't feature your-your work. Or your work-work. Or your work-your work. Or whatever. It won't feature your work properly-so-called. I reckon you catch my drift.

2. What NOMENCoLorATURE will feature, though, is scores of 6"x6" panel paintings of a very, very simple sort. If you choose to participate and don't mind following the few strict rules below, then one of these many panels might be by you.

3. You might be familiar with the basic requirements of the simposio show format at Centotto. You might not be. In short, these shows require a reading assignment and a writing assignment. At times, those assignments have been rather hefty. This time, though, they're as skimpy as they come. Your reading assignment, essentially, is to read all of these notes and rules. Your writing assignment will be completed by following one of the rules involving verso-panel inscriptions. Easy.

4. In fact, the whole thing will be easy for everyone.

5. Okay, it'll be a pain to hang, but that's on me, and it's a pain I'm looking forward to putting up with. Because the results—as you'll soon be able to envision rather readily, to some extent—will be very, very worth it.

6. That is, as long as EVERYONE really follows the rules. In a way, we'll all be working on a huge collaborative piece, about which we'll all have some kind of clue—but which will ultimately be a surprise to every single one of us.

7. If you no longer want to participate because the show won't really feature your work, or because the rigidity of rule-following seems kind of boring, or for any other reason, no worries. I understand. Rules are often pretty lame—indeed, here they're even kind of monotonous—and you might rather spend your time making more of your-your-work-work. I get it!

8. If you do contribute a piece but don't follow the rules, I might not show it. I know, sounds terrible. I hate myself for writing it. But I believe that, given the real intent of the show, we'll all like the whole thing much more if everyone follows the simple guidelines. Once you read them, you'll understand why, and much more of all of the above will become crystal clear. You'll also immediately understand why the show is titled NOMENCoLorATURE.

RULES for participation in NOMENCoLorATURE

1. Buy a 6"x6" WOOD PANELl that is 1" or 7/8" deep. This is a standard thing you can find at most any art store, and it'll set you back about $3 if you get, say, the Blick 'Studio' version.

2. Get out some paints and MIX a color. I'd suggest using acrylic because it's cheap and dries fast. I won't accept any wet panels.

3. Paint the panel THAT mixed color, and ONLY THAT MIXED COLOR. (Yes, it's fine to prime the panel first, if you wish. You don't have to paint the sides of the panel, but you can if you want.)

4. On the back of the panel, write YOUR NAME and whatever NAME you want to give to YOUR COLOR! Please don't exclude your name, and please write it neatly enough for me to read it! And if you think I don't have your email address, write that on there too.

That's it!


Backing up to the simposio stuff I mentioned, the reading assignment is everything you just read. The writing assignment is fulfilled by following rule #4. Have fun giving YOUR COLOR a name!

No, you don't have to be a painter to participate. You don't even have to be an artist. Maybe your spouse or partner or friend or colleague is 'the artist,' and that person told you about this show. So what? You can contribute too, so do it. And yes, oh yes, kids are welcome to contribute. Pets too. Why not?


I've been receiving drop-offs since I first announced the show back in May, but there's still time to drop yours off at Studio 10 until Sunday, 17 July. STUDIO 10 is in the 56 Bogart building just a few steps away from the Morgan L stop, and very near Centotto.

Studio 10 is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6pm.

Sure, you can have someone drop it off for you.


Yes, you can send it in the mail if you want, provided it gets to me by July 17th. Centotto's address is below. Please note that I'm NOT going to ship it back after the show closes. You'll have to pick it up or arrange to have it retrieved by someone else.


I haven't figured that out yet, but I'll of course keep you posted. I'm still fielding replies and inquiries and so on. It will likely take place at the end of July, and it will likely be a Centotto show hosted by Studio 10.

For now, thanks for your time, attention, interest e così via.

A reluctant rule-giver, but confident that NOMENCoLorATURE will be a real winner,


n.b. Questions? Sure, you can call me: 917.744.4841

250 Moore Street, #108
Brooklyn, NY 11206