34a MOSTRA [9o PORTFOLIO] presente

Portfolio x Appunti 9: Of Wefts

A portfolio exhibit featuring works by Brooke Moyse


Hues in gossamery moves

Fores and afts like
warps and wefts.

Forms, lights, something
nearly material.

Apparitions in depths
of brights.


For details on portfolio exhibits and how they fit within Centotto's programming, see Definizioni. A PDF of Moyse's portfolio worksheet will be available upon request following the opening.

Opening reception: Friday, 19 September, 7-10pm. Brief artist's talk at 8pm.
Gallery talk: "Borders and Exploration," Sunday, 19 October, 4-6pm.
Closing reception will take place during Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo. More details under Annunci.

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