49o INTERSTIZIO forthcoming

Studio Visits (Ex Situ) 22

An interstizio event

Another session of 'studio visits'—ex situ, that is—will take place at Centotto sometime soon, perhaps with a somewhat altered format for this first gathering of 2019.

Should you feel like bringing some work to this open-call, communal group crit, then please do. If you've never attended Ex Situ sessions at all, it's probably a good idea to read a few notes about them first. You can find them here: Definizioni. As always, you're also more than welcome to just come out for the conversation. Keep an eye out for a date and time announcement via email or on social media.

Images and participant info from past Ex Situ sessions can be found via the links in the menu bar.

Outside of receptions and other announced gatherings, visits to Centotto are by appointment only.