31o INTERSTIZIO 31 luglio 2016

Drawing Session at The Buggy Factory

An interstizio event

Please join us at The Buggy Factory on Sunday, 31 July, from 4-7.30pm for a free, open-to-all drawing session.

If you would like to participate, bring your own drawing materials and an item or two to add to a still-life arrangement we'll assemble together at the outset of the session. A bottle or can, an old brush or bowl, a stone or chunk of driftwood, a baseball or some flowers, whatever. If it's something with a bit of a story behind it, all the better. We'll have hours together to annoy one another with narratives.

The Buggy Factory has AC and some seating, but if you have a folding chair you can tote along, grab it along with your drawing supplies, table items, water bottles, etc. Kids most welcome, of course, but please note that The Buggy Factory doesn't allow pets on premises. Apologies to all the pooches.

The Buggy Factory is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 14 Kossuth Place, just steps away from the Kosciusko stop on the J train.