8a MOSTRA [3o INTERSTIZIO] febbraio 2010

Terrae and the Ether

An interstizio exhibit

Bridging a recently bygone simposio denuding creative process with a subsequent simposio authorizing poly-authored forgeries — Collaborative Forgeries, or Forged Collaborations — this interstizio exhibit merges the patent nominalities of photographed places and persons, or places and things, with paintings of an indefinite, abstractly envisioned ether that might conceivably dwell therebetween.

Featuring paintings by Tim Kent, Layton Hower and Miguel Kim; black & white photographs by Myles Dickason; and color photographs by Didier Clain.


Didier Clain 


Center, Clain
L and R, Dickason: Center, Clain

Miguel Kim 

Tim Kent 

Myles Dickason 

Layton Hower
Upper left: Layton Hower