28a MOSTRA [14o INTERSTIZIO] maggio - luglio 2013

Legend of Drafts

An interstizio exhibit for Bushwick Open Studios 2013


Because the sketches and the studies
and the models and the molds,
with their notes and smudges and
wrinkles and folds,
are works, themselves,

And legends, as well,
for routes.


Conceived with the interests of Bushwick Open Studios in mind, Legend of Drafts is an inverse gallery show of sorts in which we invite you in for a visit so as to usher you right back out.

In, that is, so you can glimpse some indicative sketches, meaningful items or other types of procedural steps in the creative practices of a range of local artists.

Out, then, with all of the artists' nearby studio addresses and contact information in hand.

An exhibit of hints, in other words, of fuller pictures to be found outside.

Let Centotto be your map's legend bridging the ones with the others.

Opening reception: Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 7-10pm.
Gallery discussion: "Incipiences," Monday, 17 June, 7-9pm
Closing reception: Wednesday, 10 July, 7-9pm

Participating artists (in reverse alphabetical order):

Kathleen Vance
Tyrome Tripoli
Julie Torres
Fedele Spadafora
Patricia Satterlee
Amos Satterlee
Vincent Romaniello
Jonathan Quinn
Farah Momin
Catalin Moldoveanu
0H10 M1KE
Alice Lynn McMichael
Rebecca Litt
Gili Levy
Cheon Lee
Kerry Law
Michael Kronenberg
Tim Kent
Jen Hitchings
Jessica Hargreaves
Richard Haines
Ben Godward
Paul Gagner
Theresa Daddezio
Lauren Collings
Yun Woo Choi
Pam Butler
Liz Ainslie
Andrei Acris

& special guest Cecco Angiolieri

Also on hand are draft beer menus from several local bistros and watering holes, including The Narrows, Northeast Kingdom, Café Ghia and Alaska.