22a MOSTRA [11o INTERSTIZIO] aprile - maggio 2012

Theriomorphous Entourage

An interstizio exhibit

From theriomorphisms to anthropic caesurae to looming acephalopods, an eschatological survey for a time yet to come—or for one that is now, already, upon us.

Beasts within, beasts without, chimeric ilk all about.
And a mysterium disiunctionis to ponder and discuss.

Separation? Suture? Greater reason?

Theriomorphous Entourage. Umbrageous offerings for the fairest of seasons.

Featuring works by Joel Dugan, Andrew Smenos, Jason Andrew, Zane Wilson, Fred Valentine, Mike Ballou, Eric Trosko, Rick Briggs, Paul Gagner, Don Pablo Pedro, Tom Micchelli and Tim Kent.

Opening reception: Friday, 6 April 2012, 7-10pm.
Closing party: Date, circa mid-May, TBD. Interim visits by appointment.
Afterparties at The Narrows.

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Rick Briggs 

Below, Jason Andrew
Above, Joel Dugan: Below, Jason Andrew


Paul Gagner 

Tim Kent 

Don Pablo Pedro 


Tim Kent 

Thomas Micchelli 


Joel Dugan 


Mike Ballou 

Zane Wilson 

Right, Joel Dugan 

Andrew Smenos 

Andrew Smenos 

Joel Dugan 


Below, Ducks, Eric Trosko
Above, Tim Kent: Below, Ducks, Eric Trosko

Eric Trosko 

Andrew Smenos 


Fred Valentine 

Above right, Eric Trosko
Left, Rick Briggs: Above right, Eric Trosko