9a MOSTRA [4o SIMPOSIO] marzo - aprile 2010

Collaborative Forgeries, or Forged Collaborations

A simposio exhibit

A variably mediated and definitively hybridized show of poly-authored works created in response to a bipartite textual basis: "La Ricotta," a short film by Pier Paolo Pasolini; and “La Ricotta,” an exegetical chapter on the eponymous film from A Certain Realism, Maurizio Viano's book on Pasolini.

In terms of imagery, description and critical regard alike, "La Ricotta," particularly within the parameters of this simposio show, is a veritable mouthful. That is, as a tragicomic film about the making of a film that depicts episodes from the biblical story of Christ through cinematic reenactments of readily recognizable Mannerist paintings that do the same — and imbued all the while with a critical agenda that is at once sociopolitically, religiously and autobiographically expository — this brief cinematic narrative, itself one of four short films in the feature-length film Ro.Go.Pa.G, is not only an intertextually and interdisciplinarily cogent work, but also a deeply stratified exemplar of the elastic interpretability of forgery and collaborative authorship. Working along with, if not in fact alongside one or two other artists, participants in Collaborative Forgeries, or Forged Collaborations have tapped into this short film's dense milieu of thematic strata and variable interpretability to create, indeed to forge new works. Their written statements provide visitors with deeper insight into which of the simposio's operative terms — 'collaboration' or 'forgery,' that is — was of primary import as they conceived and executed their projects. PDFs of the simposio packet are available free upon request.

Collaborative teams: Donald Daedalus and Maya Jeffereis; Brent Owens and Jenn Brehm; Adam Thompson, Zane Wilson and Abe Nowitz; John Avelluto and Josh Willis; Paul D'Agostino and Paul-Luc de Vincent.

Opening reception: Friday, 5 marzo 2010, 6-10pm

Corresponding interstizio event: The Ricotta Collaborations, Saturday & Sunday, 6 & 7 marzo 2010, 4-7pm.


P. D'Agostino & P.L. de Vincent 

Right, Avelluto & Willis
Left, Owens & Brehm: Right, Avelluto & Willis

Owens & Brehm 

Daedalus & Jeffereis 

Thompson, Wilson & Nowitz 





Depositions enacted in "La Ricotta"
Pontormo & Fiorentino: Depositions enacted in "La Ricotta"


Untitled, 2010, 33.25" x 22.5"
John Avelluto and Josh Willis : Untitled, 2010, 33.25" x 22.5"

Westworld Coffee Break, 2010
Brent Owens and Jenn Brehm : Westworld Coffee Break, 2010

Title Screen of "La Ricotta" 

Orson Welles & Pier Paolo Pasolini
On the set of "La Ricotta": Orson Welles & Pier Paolo Pasolini