19-28 luglio 2018

Scrims & Blurs

Curated by Paul D’Agostino for Residency Unlimited

Hosted by El Museo de Los Sures, and featuring current Residency Unlimited artists Kinu Kamura (France), Julie Leidner (USA), Mads Lindberg (Denmark) and Theresa Volpp (Germany), Scrims & Blurs presents a navigable pathway of paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, photographs and partially site-specific installations. It's an exhibition that invites visitors to look at, into and through a variably interactive array of objects while pondering notions of blurry translucence, reflective transparency, dematerialization and rematerialization, and self-refraction and self-discovery.

A sequence of exhibition photos is below. You can also find them here, accompanied by my essay for the show.

And here you will find more information about the show and Residency Unlimited alike.

El Museo de Los Sures is located at 120 South 1st Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.