ROOMS 11-15: dicembre 2022 - marzo 2023

THE ROOM is a Centotto curatorial project launched over social media by Paul D'Agostino in the fall of 2022. It's one of several online initiatives D'Agostino has developed since Centotto began operating primarily at large after existing as a physical space in Brooklyn, NY, from spring 2008 to November 2019.

The Room consists of thematically conceived, selectively sequenced group exhibitions presented as schematic slideshows and spare text. Shows generally appear as series of ten slides and are uniformly billed as “In the Room,” followed by a number and contextualizing title. Intended as curatorial incubators, these Rooms are imagined as exhibits of actual artworks in actual rooms and exhibition spaces, or as objects in outdoor settings, and the sequencing of each slideshow is meant to suggest some sense of a trajectory. Manners of further interpretation remain open and, ideally, unknowably many.

Below is the title and roster information for The Room exhibits 11-15, followed by grids of thumbnail images from each slideshow. For proper images, captions, and slideshow sequences, click on the Rooms 11-15 tab under Highlights at @pauldagostinostudio.

Welcome to The Room. Enjoy the shows.

ROOMS 11-15

"In the Room 11: Fenestrations"
a conjecture
John Descarfino, Jon Bolles, JJ Manford, Susan Stillman, Laura Karetzky, Kate Teale, AT Gregor, Jim Osman, Adam Thompson
December 2022

"In the Room 12: Verisimilifood"
a conjecture
John Avelluto, Zeren Badar, Lauren Cohen, Jeffrey Morabito, Mie Yim, Amy Ross, Crys Yin, Fedele Spadafora
December 2022

"In the Room 13: Remnant Glow"
a conjecture
Tim Kent, Tudor Mitroi, Lino Bern, Katie Hector, Kristy Jane, Aaron Johnson
January 2023

"In the Room 14: Lush Brush Lust"
a conjecture
Erin Lawlor, Anne Russinof, Dani Tull, Gordon Fearey, Clinton King, Grace Carney, Andrea Belag, Emily Berger, Astrid Dick
February 2023

"In the Room 15: Sunder, Stitch, Furl, Fold"
a conjecture
Paolo Arao, Manny Padernos, Lenka Curtin, Susan Mastrangelo, Traci Johnson, Andrea Burgay, Jessica Weiss, Liz Jaff, Alex Paik
March 2023

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