14a MOSTRA [1o PORTFOLIO] gennaio - febbraio 2011

Portfolio x Appunti: Zane Wilson

A portfolio show

Please join us on 21 January 2011, 6-10pm, as we inaugurate a third structure within Centotto’s exhibitional programming, a middleground between simposio and interstizio shows focusing on one artist whose portfolio, as here intended, will be mediated by a 5-tiered framework of visual and written appunti, or ‘notes':

— Appunti primari: exhibit
— Appunti secondari: 5-line statement #1 — concepts, contexts
— Appunti terziari: 5-line statement #2 — materials, process
— Appunti ulteriori: 5 lists
5 visual artists, 5 visual artworks, 5 artworks heard, 5 artworks read, 5 places or spaces
— Appunti fotografati: 5 studio shots

The first artist to be profiled according to this new framework is Zane Wilson. On the evening of the opening, he will helm an informal discussion of some of the more salient appunti behind his sometimes dendriform, variably cipher-ridden sculptures.

A discussion of this exhibit by A.L. McMichael can be found at 33 Conversations.

Closing party, on 18 February 2011, 6-10pm, will be part of BEAT NITE, organized by Jason Andrew and Norte Maar.