33a MOSTRA [17o INTERSTIZIO] maggio - luglio 2014

Legend Anew

An interstizio exhibit for Bushwick Open Studios 2014


A collective sprawl of a mixed work, of sorts,
of a wall, of walls, of a room appointed to
point you to other rooms nearby
where all forms of works are
born and groomed in a
here and now that
bides as it flies
through time
in ticks and
in tocks.


Devised for Centotto's 7th BOS, Legend Anew will be conceptually akin to last year's Legend of Drafts. With airs of greater depth, one could say, and higher polish—and featuring dozens of mostly NYC, or mostly BK, or mostly Bushwick qua BOS artists.

Samuel Adams, Liz Atz, Todd Bienvenu, Rick Briggs, Pam Butler, Kevin Curran, Maureen Drennan, Jeff Frederick, Paul Gagner, Ben Godward, Dumitru Gorzo, Art Guerra, Cynthia Hartling, Jen Hitchings, Oliver Jones, Tim Kent, David King, Lars Kremer, Kerry Law, Nathaniel Lieb, Amy Lincoln, Eliot Markell, Gaspar Martinez, Alice Lynn McMichael, Thomas Micchelli, Catalin Moldoveanu, Helena Parriott, Matt Phillips, Evan Reehl Ryer, Vincent Romaniello, Amos Satterlee, Patricia Satterlee, Mark Sengbusch, Natalie Simon, Andy Smenos, Adam Thompson, Jeanne Tremel, Stephen Truax, Fred Valentine, Nathaniel Ward, Eileen Weitzman

Opening reception: Wednesday, 28 May, 7-9pm.
Hours during BOS: Saturday, 31 May, 2-7pm.
Gallery talk: Studio Visits Ex Situ 3, a special 'ex situ' in situ, 3 July, 6.30-9pm.
Closing reception: Friday, 11 July, 7-10pm.

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