40a MOSTRA [25o INTERSTIZIO] novembre - dicembre 2015

Chronicles in Wait

A Centotto interstizio exhibit at The Buggy Factory


Histories concealed
within forms.

Discoverable in sutures,
molds, cavities.

Tales in hems, nooks
and holes.

In shadows of themselves.
Waiting to be told.

And heard.


Sculptures and sound pieces by Dave Henderson, Nathaniel Lieb, Jack Henry and Oliver Jones.

Opening reception: Friday, 13 November, 6-9pm.
Visiting hours: 11/14, 11/15, 11/21, 11/22, 4-8pm.
Closing reception: Saturday, 5 December, 6-8pm.

The Buggy Factory is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 14 Kossuth Place.


Oliver Jones 

Nathaniel Lieb 

Jack Henry 

Dave Henderson