Philae Bounced

On behalf of the Bushwick Gallery Association, Centotto partnered with Republic Worldwide and Storefront Ten Eyck to present a holiday party, food drive and collaborative art exhibition at a new venue, The Vazquez Building, located at 93 Forrest Street and Central Avenue, on 12 December 2014, from 8pm - midnight. The party was BYOB, open to all, and free. The exhibition portion of Philae Bounced remained open to visitors through the weekend, and the food drive continued as well. All gathered food items were donated to Saint Brigid's Parish—at 409 Linden Street, at St. Nicholas—via Gabriela Maciel and Bushwick Center.

A few glimpses of all of the above are below. Once more, many thanks to all participating galleries, artists, food givers and partiers. In particular: Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele of Lodge Gallery / Republic Worldwide; Deborah Brown and Storefront Ten Eyck; Jillian Siegel and Courtney McKenna; Daniela Stubbs Levi; Jason Andrew and Norte Maar / OUTLET; Shanna Maurizi and Songs For Presidents; Ellen Hackl Fagan, Margaret Roleke and Odetta Gallery; Jackie Klempay Gallery and Nancy Choi; Stephen Eakin, Jesse Patrick Martin, Polina Barskaya Kaluzhsky and Bryan Rogers of Honey Ramka; Lawrence Greenberg, Annelie McGavin, Jude Tallichet and Studio 10; Mike Schreiber and Paul Weston of GCA; Stevie Mykietyn, Zuriel Waters and Orgy Park; Nyssa Nyssa Eva-Frank and The Living Gallery; Jessica Holburn and Chasm Gallery; George Ferrandi and Brooklyn Wayfarers; Stephanie Theodore, Richard Paul and Theodore:Art; Karen Marston, Marco Antonini and everyone else at NurtureArt; Brent Owens; Kurt Steger, Peter Hopkins and Art Helix; David King; Pamela Butler; Rafael Fuchs and Fuchs Photography; NASA, the ESA, Rosetta and, of course, Philae. Keep bouncing.

(Photos below by Paul D'Agostino, unless otherwise noted.)


















Daniela Stubbs Levi
Work & photo: Daniela Stubbs Levi