15o INTERSTIZIO gennaio 2014

Studio Visits (Ex Situ)

An interstizio event

Sunday, 12 January 2014, 4.30 - 7pm

Perhaps inviting more visitors to your studio was among your resolutions for the new year. Perhaps visiting more studios of others was one of them.
Perhaps both were in the mix.

Well, resolution-related or not, and whether or not you make artwork, please pencil in Sunday, 12 January, 4.30-7pm for a series of brief studio visits—ex situ, as it were—at Centotto. Our currently bare walls are ideal for such a gathering.

In other words, bring a piece or two you've recently finished or something you're currently working on. Something not too cumbersome, let's say, and not too difficult to hang. Something that particularly enthuses or even confuses you. We'll display it in some way, and you can share a word or two while everyone in the room joins you in the looking and observing, and perhaps in the teasing out of things.

And then someone else will do the same. And someone else thereafter. And so on. We're all sure to learn a thing or two about others' work and practices—and perhaps about ours, too—in the process.

This is also a great gathering for making announcements about forthcoming shows, whether you're making the announcement as a curator, gallerist or exhibiting artist. So bring postcards or flyers, or whatever you have. We'll keep some materials on hand at Centotto as well, if you wish.

Images from Studio Visits (Ex Situ) below. Some photographs are courtesy of Vincent Romaniello, who has posted several more images from the event on Romanblog. Stay tuned for Ex Situ 2. For more information, email Centotto at postuccio@gmail.com


Photo by V. Romaniello 

Photo by V. Romaniello 


Photo by V. Romaniello 




Photo by V. Romaniello