35o INTERSTIZIO 20 maggio 2017

Studio Visits (Ex Situ) 15 - Acconci Tribute

An interstizio event

This particular session of Studio Visits (Ex Situ) will be a tribute to Vito Acconci, a legendary figure who was—and will certainly continue to be—a great inspiration to many artists whose lives, minds and creative practices he influenced in various and indelible ways.

Many of us were not only fortunate enough to have been introduced to Vito's work at some point, but to also have worked alongside him in one way or another, or to have studied under him, or even simply to have heard him give a talk about the arc and flux of his rather singular career.

And of course, some of us can speak to what it was like to have him visit our studios.

As such, we'll chat about all of that at this next gathering of Studio Visits (Ex Situ), and we'll project some videos of Vito talking, reading, performing, advising, questioning, opining and so on.

Please join us to share whatever Vito story you might have in mind, or just to listen and watch. Speaking of which, this seems like a fine time to note that a little likeness of Vito himself has been watching and listening in on Centotto proceedings for many years now—from atop a bookshelf, and perhaps very fittingly so. See below.

By the way, if you can't make it on Saturday, feel free to call in with your Acconci anecdote: 917.744.4841. We'll have you on speaker phone, and your narration will itself be a sort of ex situ event.

Saturday, 20 May, 5-8 pm.


For more information about how Studio Visits (Ex Situ) sessions typically work, see Definizioni.