23a MOSTRA [12o INTERSTIZIO] giugno - luglio 2012

Charting the Not

An interstizio exhibit

Several seers of places
that may or may not have names,
that may or may not have coordinates,
that may or may not have, or have ever had,
explorers, emissaries, voyagers.

Terre incognite,
cognite all the same.

Unknown realms
nonetheless not uncharted.

Elsewheres as heres
by different names.

Featuring artworks by Austin Thomas, Meg Lipke, Josh Willis and Gili Levy.

Opening reception: Friday, 25 May 2012, 7-10pm.
Open during Bushwick Open Studios: June 2nd & June 3rd, 2-7pm.
Closing reception: Thursday, 5 July, 7-10pm. Afterparty at The Narrows.

Outside of such scheduled events, visits are by appointment only. Grazie.

Photos below by Gili Levy and Vincent Romaniello.
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Gili Levy 

Austin Thomas 

Austin Thomas 

Meg Lipke 

Meg Lipke