51a MOSTRA [41o INTERSTIZIO] novembre - dicembre 2017


An interstizio exhibit


Compositional matters
shifting or certain,
converged or converging,
or other'd,
or else'd.

Layered spaces.


Paintings by Erika Ranee, Suejin Jo, Nina Meledandri, Jackie Feng

Opening reception: Friday, 3 November, 7-9pm.
Closing reception and discussion with the artists: Saturday, 9 December, 5-7pm.

"Elsewisely at Centotto," by Anne Russinof, Gallery Travels, 22 November 2017.

Outside of receptions and other announced gatherings, visits to Centotto are by appointment only.


Meledandri, above and right
Jo, bottom left: Meledandri, above and right


Ranee, right
Feng, left: Ranee, right

Ranee, right
Feng, left: Ranee, right


Jo, right
Meledandri, left: Jo, right

Feng, above left 


Meledandri, below
Jo, above: Meledandri, below