30a MOSTRA [11o SIMPOSIO] novembre - dicembre 2013

By-Productions, or Asides

A simposio exhibition


Bodies of work that
happened to happen
while other bodies of work
were in the works.

And that happened,
as things sometimes happen,
to work.

Circumscriptions of
happenstantial sorts.


Featuring Amos Satterlee, Matthew Miller, Bob Seng and Vincent Romaniello.

The simposio text is a brief quotation from Wit and Wisdom of Samuel Johnson. It can be read here.

For details on simposio exhibits and how they fit within Centotto's programming, see Definizioni. A PDF featuring the reading and the artists' simposio writings will be available upon request after the opening.

Opening reception: Friday, 8 November 2013, 7-10pm
Simposio discussion: Thursday, 21 November, 7-9pm
Closing reception: Friday, 13 December, 7-10pm


Right, Seng
Left, Romaniello: Right, Seng









(above left EXIT not by Seng)
Seng: (above left EXIT not by Seng)