ESPOSIZIONE 23 - 26 ottobre 2014

Exchange Rates: The Bushwick International Expo

Centotto recently collaborated with Theodore:Art and London-based Sluice_ to produce Exchange Rates: The Bushwick International Expo, an exposition of artworks and art galleries in which curators and artists local to Bushwick, Brooklyn, shared exhibition spaces and collaborated with creative peers from other US cities and abroad.

We arranged for around 20 local host galleries to partner and co-exhibit with over 30 galleries on visit from elsewhere. The variety of mediums, shows and curatorial programs was extensive. There were panel talks, festivities, workshops.

Most importantly, The Bushwick Expo served as a platform for a broad range of creative exchange—among artists, exhibitors and Exchange Rates visitors alike.

Much more information about what took place, including a full list of participating galleries and their partners, as well as an interactive map and daily agendas, available on the official Exchange Rates website. All events were free and open to all.

As you'll see there, Centotto partnered with Museo Microcollection, a very particular sort of 'museum' based in and around Milan, Italy. In part fundamentally physical, in part comprehensively conceptual, Museo Microcollection collaborated with Centotto to produce a piece of sound art featuring texts, in Italian and French, by Elisa Bollazzi, Museo Microcollection's founder, and Paris-based artist and writer Hubert Renard (with English translations by Paul D'Agostino). The piece's premier coincided with the closing reception for Brooke Moyse's portfolio show, Of Wefts, on 24 October, from 6-10pm.

Centotto also collaborated with Theodore:Art to assemble a pop-up exhbition at the Exchange Rates Info Desk, in the 56 Bogart building. The show, called Rawart, featured works by Jack Davidson, Matthew Draper, Vincent Romaniello, Paul Gagner, Faye Scott-Farrington and Museo Microcollection.

In addition, "Renderings: Encounters & Translations" was a reading, organized and presented by Centotto, that took place during Exchange Rates at Livestream Public, at 195 Morgan Avenue, on Sunday, 26 October, from 4.30-6pm. Readers were Alice Lynn McMichael, Matthew Rossi, Dara Mandle, Andrea Monti, Todd Portnowitz and Paul D'Agostino. A video of the readings can be streamed on Livestream's website, here

Soon to come:

Information about Centotto events and programming for the rest of 2014.

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