18a MOSTRA [9o INTERSTIZIO] settembre - novembre 2011

Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi

An interstizio exhibit

An ode to seafaring and seafarers and the seascapes through which they journey, Nautical Notes: Mari, Navi e Naufragi (Seas, Ships and Shipwrecks) is chartered to course the now treacherous, now pacific, now whimsical waters of variably maritime imagery.

Shores and wharves and waters in mist.
Masts and oars and the majesty of ships.

And just enough jettisoned
flotsam and jetsam
to leave most of our boats afloat.

May Poseidon smile approvingly upon our chores and forms.
May Centotto weather solely the eye of the storm.

Featuring works by Harry Gold, Adam Thompson, Josh Willis, Alice Lynn McMichael, Tim Kent, Zane Wilson, Rebecca Litt, Joel Dugan, Chris Wyrick, Rachel Day, Warren Holt and Paul Bergeron.

Opening reception: Friday, 30 September 2011, 7-10pm
Closing reception: Friday, 11 November 2011, 8-10pm
Afterparties to be held, and quite fittingly, at The Narrows, 1037 Flushing Avenue.

A bit of press floated around about Bushwick, or about Centotto, around or about the time of this show. See Centotto's press link, under 'Stampa,' here.

Harry Gold 

Josh Willis 











So much flotsam... 

... and jetsam ... 

... to keep afloat ... 

... Harry's boat. 



Bottled notes to be sent asea.