45a MOSTRA & 46a MOSTRA [16o SIMPOSIO] agosto - novembre 2016


A multiple-venue simposio exhibit


In which
the taking and
the mixing and
the naming
are commensurate
parts and parcels
of the making.


An open-call simposio exhibition—in various venues over time—of colors crafted and names ascribed.

The second, very differently configured installation of this vast group exhibition—featuring 178 panels from 144 contributors—opened at Centotto on Saturday, 24 September, from 4-7pm. It was also open during Bushwick Open Studios Exchange Rates II: The Bushwick International Expo. A gallery discussion and closing reception took place on Saturday, 5 November.

Nota bene: The first installation of NOMENCoLorATURE was at Studio 10 Gallery from August 7th-14th, 2016. If you're curious about the show and how it came together, click here to read through all of the rules and guidelines that participants were asked to follow.

Following the opening of the first installation, Cathy Quinlan put together a post about NOMENCoLorATURE for her art blog, Talking Pictures. Read it here.

Subsequent installations of NOMENCoLorATURE TBA.

Contributors: Sharilyn Neidhardt, Elisa Jensen, Natalie Moore, Leslie Roberts, Liv Mette Larsen, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Maud Bryt, Theresa Hackett, Susan Carr, David Pollack, Noah Xifr, Art Guerra, Chrys Grummert, Julie Underriner, Maureen McQuillan, Brian Dupont, Rachel Nevins, Linus Nevins-Dupont, Calvin Nevins-Dupont, Karen Schiff, Jeff Frederick, Carol Saft, Marianne DeAngelis, Emily Berger, Catherine Kirkpatrick, Eric Trosko, Patricia Satterlee, Amos Satterlee, Stella Marie Bird, Barbara Friedman, Meryl Meisler, Karl Jones, Suzanne Kelser, Cathy Nan Quinlan, Hilary Fitzgibbons, Melissa D'Agostino, Kevin Richards, Joanne D'Agostino, Vincent D'Agostino, Linda D'Agostino, Giovanna & Julia, Erika Ranee, Marcy Rosenblat, James Donahue, Zak Vreeland, Cair Crawford, Len Bellinger, Denise Sfraga, Kimberly Rowe, Amelia Marzec, Nancy Glover, Cathy Diamond, Chris Moss, Jackie Meier, Pauline Galiana, Rosie Lopeman, Larry Greenberg, Matt Freedman, Jude Tallichet, Caroline Cox, Tim Spelios, Daniela Stubbs, David McDonough, Cecilia Enberg, Marigold Klee Bonner, Peter Bonner, Moriah Carlson, Elisabeth Condon, Mary McDonnell, Fred Cisterna, Molly Heron, Leslie Kerby, Kate Brown, Jacqueline Gourevitch, Deanna Lee, Kale Tunnessen, Anne Russinof, Jackie Shatz, Ewelina Bochenska, Lila Freeman, Andrea Egert, Robert Egert, Luisa Caldwell, Auguste and John Descarfino, Adam Simon, Michele Araujo, Barbara Lubliner, Vanessa Navarrete, Lisa Levy, Pam Butler, David Nakabayashi, Lenore Malen, George Gilliland, Matthew Wong, Mary DeVincentis, Elissa Levy, Duane Zaloudek, Sharon Lawless, Robert Walden, Henry Chung, Barbara Marks, Hester Simpson, Gunilla Daga, Patrick Mangan, Bob Seng, Nina Meledandri, Richard Sigmund, Rosa Valado, Katherine Powers, Ambre Kelly, Laura Viola Preciado, Suzan Shutan, Jeffrey Bishop, Kate Teale, Greg Slick, Jean-Marc Solak, Meer Musa, David King, Paul Gagner, Anna Ortiz, Thomas McKean, Debra Pearlman, Lizbeth Mitty, Dana M. James, Kit Warren, Michele Hemsoth, Julia Schwartz, Alison Chandler, Lori Sanford-Ross, Rachel Ross, Fred Gutzeit, Elizabeth Riley, Jonathan Quinn, Joan Mellon, Chris Gonzalez, Maria Petrovskaya, David Rufo, Thomas Micchelli, Liz Jaff, Meg Atkinson, Frauke Schlitz, YeongJin Choi