47a MOSTRA [32o INTERSTIZIO] novembre - dicembre 2016


A Centotto interstizio exhibit at The Buggy Factory


Foundations for
intimations of
movements towards

Adrift as such until.

Or still.


Patricia Satterlee, Elisa Jensen, Maud Bryt, Dana James, Mary McDonnell

Opening reception: Saturday, 19 November, 6-8pm.
Visiting hours: Sat., 11/19, 1-8pm; Sun., 11/20, 1-6pm; Sat. & Sun., 12/3 & 12/4, 1-6pm.
Chat with the artists: Sunday, 4 December, 4.30pm.

"Centotto's Incipiences at The Buggy Factory," by Anne Russinof, Gallery Travels, 23 December 2016.

The Buggy Factory is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 14 Kossuth Place.

N.b. This exhibition was lit exclusively by natural light during the day, and by two large central lights at night. The images below show the exhibition in both forms.


















:  All photos below, at night
All photos above, in daylight : : All photos below, at night