55o INTERSTIZIO forthcoming

Studio Visits (Ex Situ) 23

An interstizio event

The next session of 'studio visits'—ex situ, that is—will take place sooner or later, and it will almost invariably be formatted differently than the previous one, which was differently formatted from the one before it, and from many another before that.

One thing is very certain: Studio Visits (Ex Situ) 23 will be 'ex situ' even from erstwhile Centotto itself.

That is, it will not take place at Centotto's former home at 250 Moore Street, #108, in Brooklyn, NYC. The gallery's run of about 12 years there came to term at the end of 2019. Centotto as a curatorial project and possibly space will continue to exist in ways and places yet TBD and TBA.

More information about 'ex situ' gatherings in general is here: Definizioni. Images and participant info from past Ex Situ sessions can be found via the links in the menu bar.