18a - 20a MOSTRE [8o SIMPOSIO, 9o INTERSTIZIO, 4o PORTFOLIO] forthcoming at Centotto

Variables To Be Determined

Forthcoming events at Centotto whose spatiotemporal particulars have yet to be named or set include, and may or may not be limited to:

an 8o simposio,
a 9o interstizio,
and a new portfolio or two.

Titles and details and so forth for all of the above shall hopefully follow suit soon.
Be in touch or check back to stay tuned.

In the meantime, please enjoy the below image of an engraving, by Pietro Testa, depicting the storied orator, politician, diplomat, general and general troublemaker of sorts, Alcibiades, whose 'radically democratic' views included outspoken opposition to the Peace of Nicias, a treaty signed between Athens and Sparta during the Peloponnesian War in 421 BC. Interestingly, this engraving dates to 1648, which is the same year the Peace of Westphalia was signed in Münster, bringing to an exhausted terminus the Thirty Years War.

Something to consider in these latter-estival times of quasi-bipartisan concessional climes.

Ill-determined variables, as above, probably make things worse. And how.

Oops. And oops.


Arguing amari at Narrows, perhaps?