11a MOSTRA [5o SIMPOSIO] luglio - agosto 2010

Spazi Segreti, or Mendacity, Mood

A simposio exhibit

The lexico-thematic backdrop to Spazi Segreti, or Mendacity, Mood is the rich prose, rhapsodic imagery, and transfigurable, transtemporal and, at times, transgendered personas of Jeannette Winterson's Art & Lies, a novel whose craftily sewn pleats within lyrical folds are variably explicated – quite literally, in etymological terms – by the works on display and the various artists' manually transcribed extractions from the text itself.

An exhibit of visual prose, of envisioned etymologies, of the secret spaces and mendacious emotions of an aesthetic range of evocative artworks, themselves evoked by a fictive work whose evocational words, hummed in a key of timelessness, echo the variably vocalized creative callings of artists and artworks, as well as the interlacing figures, histories and chance-ridden conditions that now mystify, now enrich, now belie them.

Featured artists: Deborah Brown, Jenn Brehm, Mary Kate Maher, Karilyn Johanesen, Ali Aschman, Erin Batson and Rachel Day.

Simposio reading assignment: Art & Lies, by Jeannette Winterson (New York: Knopf, 1995).

Opening reception #1: Tuesday, 20 July 2010, 6-9pm.
Opening reception #2: Friday, 6 August 2010, 7-10pm.

Afterparties for both receptions held at The Narrows, 1037 Flushing Avenue.


Deborah Brown (right)
Rachel Day & Erin Batson (left): Deborah Brown (right)

citations from Art & Lies
Simposio statements: citations from Art & Lies

Mary Kate Maher 

Karilyn Johanesen  

Jenn Brehm 

Ali Aschman 

Art & Lies, Winterson (on shelf)
Maher (left), Brown (right): Art & Lies, Winterson (on shelf)

citations from Art & Lies
Simposio statements: citations from Art & Lies



oil on canvas
Deborah Brown, "Shoe Tree": oil on canvas

tape, ink, gold leaf on paper
Mary Kate Maher, "Berlin": tape, ink, gold leaf on paper