57a MOSTRA [49o INTERSTIZIO, 1a OCCHIATA] 2 marzo 2019

Arrangement in Middle Pink & Studio Visits (Ex Situ) 22

interstizio event & inaugural occhiata exhibit

Another session of Studio Visits (Ex Situ), took place at Centotto on Saturday, 2 March, beginning at 5pm. Jeffrey Bishop, Evan Reehl Ryer, Pam Marchin, Jackie Shatz, Richard Sigmund, Linda Louis, Jim Osman and Brian Zimbler brought works for us to install and discuss.

Arrangement in Middle Pink is the pop-up show that emerged out of those works and that, in addition to the individual presentations, fed that discussion.

Thus was born the first Centotto occhiata exhibit, the first in a new series of shorter-term, pop-up, secret, and otherwise somewhat outside-the-norm shows — 'outside-the-norm,' at least, with respect to Centotto's usual programming. These kinds of shows and events will be recurrent in 2019.

Information about Ex Situ sessions and other aspects of Centotto's programming is available here: Definizioni.

Images and participant info from past Ex Situ sessions can be found via the links in the menu bar.

Outside of receptions and other announced gatherings, visits to Centotto are by appointment only.



Brian Zimbler 

Jim Osman 

Linda Louis 

Richard Sigmund 

Jackie Shatz 

Pam Marchin 

Jeffrey Bishop 

Evan Reehl Ryer 

Jeffrey Bishop