39a MOSTRA [10o PORTFOLIO] ottobre - dicembre 2015

Portfolio x Appunti 10: Other Selves

A portfolio exhibit featuring photographs by Maureen Drennan


Gazes exchanged
and averted.

A bathtub, a bar.
A bird, a bike.
A blazing, smoking scrim.

Moments captured, ambient
notes conveying
her, them, him.

Those selves
and other selves.


This special portfolio exhibition has been organized on the occasion of Drennan having one of her photographs enter into the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. In acknowledgment of this honor, Other Selves consists exclusively of portraits culled from Drennan's various bodies of work.

For details on portfolio exhibits and how they fit within Centotto's programming, see Definizioni. A PDF of Drennan's portfolio worksheet will be available upon request following the opening.

Opening reception: Friday, 30 October, 7-10pm. Artist talk at approximately 8.30.
Closing reception and discussion: Friday, 11 December, 7-9pm.

For more images of the exhibition, see Anne Russinof's post on Gallery Travels here.