37a MOSTRA [14o SIMPOSIO] passati

Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens

A simposio exhibition for Bushwick Open Studios 2015

For Centotto's 8th BOS, Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens is—like last year's Legend Anew and the prior year's Legend of Drafts—a rather studio-centric show featuring works by dozens of artists based hither and yon, alongside 'legendary' notes to send you nearby and beyond.

In other words, it will consist of pieces by a broad array of Bushwick-familiar, if not exactly Bushwick-based, artists, as well as indications about where you can see more of their work.

Factored within, as well, will be notes about conjectural exhibitions paying temporally humored homage to hallowed pasts.

Featured artists: Fran O'Neill, John Descarfino, Jeff Feld, Dave Henderson, Julie Torres, Ellen Letcher, Jen Hitchings, Marcy Rosenblat, Jim Donahue, Richard Sigmund, Bob Seng, Todd Bienvenu, Lawrence Swan, Lori Ellison, Gordon Fearey, Jack Henry, Seth Mulvey, Eileen Weitzman, Luisa Caldwell, Patricia Fabricant, Paul Gagner, Maureen Drennan, Dave King, Dumitru Gorzo, Ben La Rocco, Cibele Vieira, Norman Jabaut, Paul Behnke, Anne Russinof, Enrico Gomez, Riad Miah, Dana James, Susan Mastrangelo, Barbara Friedman, Catalin Moldoveanu, George Gilliland, Michele Araujo, Adam Simon, Larry Greenberg, Jonathan Quinn, Robert Wash

Opening reception: Friday, 29 May, 7-10pm.
Hours during BOS: Saturday, 6 June, 2-6pm.
Gallery discussion: "Our Forever Thens," TBD.
Closing reception: Thursday, 2 July, 7-9pm.

Recent press:
"A Randomly Selective BOS Crawl," by Jonathan Stevenson, Two Coats of Paint, 9 June 2015.
"Bushwick Means Business: Open Studios Weekend," Artcritical, 4 June 2015.
"10 Reasons Why BOS Is Keeping the New York Art World Real," by Cait Munro, Artnet, 3 June 2015.

Outside of receptions and other announced gatherings, visits to Centotto are by appointment only.